We just wanted to post out an update on the dual extruder boards.

We just got confirmation that the boards are shipping later today to us and we should have them in about 4-5 days. The 2 into 1 adapters are in as well and we are doing QC on them right now. The dual independent/mixing hotends are shipped as well to us. Once we have everything in hand and tested we will list the additional products on the website.

We will be including a genuine Creality E motor AND cable FREE with all the pre-orders. We negotiated with our suppler and was able to get a package deal for you all at no additional cost.

One additional product on the way is aluminum extruder upgrades for the CR-10 so you can upgrade the existing one and have an extruder for the additional E motor. These will become a regularly stocked item.

Thank you for your support and we’re looking forward to making some videos showing some of the products and what you can do with them. We want to have multiple options for people to use depending on their needs. There will also be a list of printable parts to mount the extra E motor and hotend to your machine as well. We’re printing them out and test fitting to make sure it will all work correctly together on the CR-10 machines.