We just received the batch of the CR-10S Dual Extrusion board from Creality today. They will be shipping on 5/25 so we can test these and give people time to order other parts that will go with the boards. Each board will include a FULL cable that has 2 stepper cables and an X endstop cable. You can use these for the additional stepper. Creality sent us the entire X E and X endstop cable assembly so you don’t need to use all the cables for the installation but we’re going to include them in case you ever need some extra cables for the machine. In addition to that each board pre-order will include a genuine Creality E Stepper motor as well with the board.

The Dual Filament Hotend and the 2 into 1 Adapter do NOT come with PTFE tubing to go from the extruder to hotend/adapter however we sell our Tough Tube or if you want Standard PTFE it can be bought from any major reseller like Amazon or Ebay. Standard PTFE will have an outer diameter (OD) of 4.0mm and inner diameter (ID) of 2.0mm.

If you want to combine to save on shipping please place an order for the additional parts and we will refund the excess shipping once we weigh and print the label. Refunds over PayPal are usually instant. Credit Card can take 5-10 days for refunds to appear. PUT YOUR PRE-ORDER NUMBER IN THE NEW ORDER NOTES TO COMBINE.

Dual Extruder Parts that we carry in the shop:

Hotends and Hotend Adapters:


All Parts will be in-stock on 5/22/2018 for order. You can sign up for a notification when we add the stock on each product page.