We just wanted to let everyone know there is a new Unified Firmware update out. This is an incremental update that just addresses some fringe issues with certain machines where their beds have a skew of more than 2mm. The default probe low point was set to 2mm and some machines like the S5 can have a larger spread than that. We upped it from 2mm to 3mm. If you were getting “probing failed” errors please try updating to this version. If you still get them and you are an EZABL customer please contact us. There is also a feature now that will re-enable the EZABL even after a G28 is run to help make usability easier for everyone.

In addition to that there are new STL files for testing your bed leveling that we made from scratch for multiple printer sizes. Choose the size that is slightly smaller than your printer bed. The sizes are the names of the files. Happy Printing!

Regarding the Anniversary Giveaway Stream we will be scheduling this for Friday or Saturday. We want to ensure we get all the orders caught up so once we do we will post an announcement for when this will happen. We scheduled it for last weekend but due to technical issues with Comcast it had to be postponed. We also just got in high quality replacement PTFE fittings, Titanium Heatbreaks for the Dual Hotend (these will also fit some CR-10 Hotends as well), and V6 hotend nozzles (Basic and High End along in Brass and Hardened steel in various sizes). These will be added to the shop this weekend.

You can always download the latest firmware from here: TH3D Unified Firmware Package


Update Details:

  • U1.R2.3 (10/3/2018) – EZABL Tuning and Code Update
    • Updated to Marlin 1.1.9 Latest Patch
    • Changed Z Probe Low Point from -2 to -3
      • Fixes “Probing Failed” errors when bed is more than 2mm out of skew
    • General Code Cleanup
    • Changed EZABL Points to 3
    • Now EZABL leveling will be restored even after G28 is ran
    • Added note about sticking with ODD numbers for EZABL Points. Performs best with odd numbers since there is a probe in the center of the bed.