We wanted to give everyone an update post-sale and where orders are at right now. We are a very small team and we have 1-2 people packing orders at any given time. We’ve all been putting in 14+ hours a day to get orders packed and products built for those orders.

  • Orders with ABS parts may be delayed 1 day more than ones without those parts as we received a lot of orders for printed parts and the solid mount kits.
    • We also had 1 of 3 ABS machines go down yesterday that set production back but have restored them all to full operations as of today.
    • We are printing them as quickly as we can and doing smaller batches instead of large ones so that we can get orders out quicker.
  • All orders through 11/28/2018 are packed and will be going out on Thursday due to USPS being 100% closed on 12/5/2018.
  • We are packing orders from 11/29/2018 through the night tonight and have additional help to get them completed
  • All flex plate back-orders are shipped and the EZFlex plates are restocked across all sizes. These orders have all shipped out already.
    • We now have 165×165, 220×220, and Prusa MK3 sizes available as well now.
    • We are testing larger 400×400 and 500×500 sizes currently

We are tying to get orders back to next day shipping by Thursday but orders have not slowed down since the sale. If they keep up we may pause taking orders later this week so that we can get caught up. We take our customer experience very seriously and are trying our best with the resources we have to get everything packed as quickly as we can. We have also brought in extra help for this week and next as well to help get the orders out ASAP.

Don’t want to wait? Want to cancel your order?

If you do not want to wait for your order to ship we completely understand and if it has not been processed we can cancel and refund the order for you. If you wish to cancel please email Support@TH3DStudio.com with your order number and we will get the order refunded and cancelled.

Please note if you cancel your order and change your mind we will not be able to make a new order with the sale prices and you will lose your place in the order queue.