We all like Benchies.
But now you’re going to love them.

Ok, you’re probably wondering why I’m bothering you about these little boats we all print to test our machines. The picture above is just a small collection of the ones we have floating around here. Benchies on their own are not worth that much but when you have a bunch of them you can do neat projects with them.

What can Benchies do for you? 

Whenever you order something from us you will earn Benchies. These will be applied to your account so this also means you must be logged in to your TH3D account to earn the benchies. Please note we cannot apply them after so make sure if you want to earn benchies you have a TH3D Account and are logged into it when you make your order. Due to how the reward system works we cannot manually apply the benchies on the orders. Every $1 spent is 1 Benchy earned. Shipping charges do not earn benchies, only products.

You can log in to your account or make one here: TH3D Account Page

What can you do with Benchies?

Benchies are simple and you can apply them at checkout to get a discount on your TH3D order. The checkout page will tell you how much your benchies are worth in the message displayed if you have any on your account. We will do fun things with them for sales like making them worth more and/or making the number of benchies earned during a sale per dollar higher.

We hope you enjoy the little rewards system and our products! Thank you, everyone, for your support and for helping us to make TH3D what it is today. We really appreciate giving us the opportunity to serve you and the community.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you’re having an awesome day!

Happy Printing
~Tim Hoogland
TH3D Owner