Hey there everyone! This is an update on our EZBoard Lite that we just can’t keep in stock lately.

TLDR; We will be posting another batch on 1/15/2020 for sale around 12PM CST and the Dual Z Motor Adapter is an optional addon. We have restored the previous waiting list of people from the last signup so you will get a notification email when we add the stock tomorrow.

  • If you ordered on the batch that was posted on 1/13/2020 the Dual Z Motor Adapter is included as per the product page that was shown when you purchased the board.
  • Only orders made on or after 1/15/2020 will not include the adapter unless you specifically add it on from the EZBoard product page (if we have them in stock).
  • See below for information on where to get the Dual Z Motor Adapter from a 3rd party if you do not want to wait the 2 weeks for us to restock them

Full Details on the Change to the Product Page

I want to be completely transparent about changes to products and other things here. We ran out of stock due on the Dual Z Motor Adapters that were included with the boards in the past which is why not all the boards we have here were stocked on the site as the product page, pictures, and other documentation stated that it is included. After talking to some people waiting for the board they mentioned that we should just make it separate since many machines that can use this board do not need it.

In order to better track inventory on the boards and the addons the Dual Z Motor Adapter is now a separate item on the EZBoard page. If you want to get an EZBoard from this next batch but need the Dual Z Motor Adapter these types of parallel Z motor adapters are available from other retailers if you do not want to wait while we re-stock them. We expect to have more of them in about 2 weeks but do not believe the remaining stock of EZBoards will last that long due to high demand and have already started production on another batch. If you want an EZBoard it is recommended to order it even if you need the adapter and either wait for us to restock them or pick them up form a 3rd party using the information below. We apologize for the mix up and with the change of having this addon as a separate part it will allow us to track the inventory properly so we can re-order in time before we run out of stock.

This adapter is ONLY needed if you have 2 separate Z motor cables going to your original board. The machines that need these are detailed on the EZBoard page and a list below as of writing this post.

Machines that need the Dual Z Motor Adapter:

  • CR-10
  • CR-10S
  • CR-10 S4 (with dual Z upgrade)
  • CR-10S S4
  • CR-10 S5
  • CR-10S S5
  • Sovol SV01

If you have a machine that needs the Dual Z Motor Adapter you can pick them up from Amazon here using our affiliate link: https://amzn.to/386xvrR. I have posted a picture below of the other 3rd party listings and searching “Dual Stepper Parallel Adapter” on other sites like Ebay should pull up the same type of items. These all appear to be the same wiring and setup as our Dual Z Motor Adapter that we carry. If you order them from Amazon or another 3rd party just make sure the cable colors/order you receive on yours from a 3rd party matches the one in our pictures for our Dual Z Motor Adapter.