If you noticed our site looks a lot different than it did before. We’ve completely over hauled the website to make it more responsive, faster, easier to navigate, and have some new features. We were using a theme called Divi previously which was easy to use for when we started out but the issue is that it was very resource intensive. We’ve since switched over to one called Flatsome which is lighter weight and more powerful. We’ve taken feedback from users on how the shop is organized and implemented them as well. Our mobile theme is also more user friendly too!

One of the new “killer” features is the Wishlist. With the wishlist you can keep a shopping list on things you want to buy and even are able to share that link to your wishlist with others. The wishlist also acts as a notification system for when products are re-stocked and even when they are put on sale. So if you want to know when a product will be back in stock and/or when it goes on sale just add it to your wishlist from the product page. One important thing to note is that the wishlist ONLY will send out emails if you are logged into your TH3D account before you start adding things to it. Users that are not logged in can use the wishlist as well but email notifications will not be sent since the system does not have that information.

We are setting up more integrations for cross-posting updates between all our web services (like Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc) so that information is always easily accessible when we post out updates. We really appreciate you all and hope that things are going well for everyone. Stay safe out there and let us know if you have any suggestions or comments about improving our website and/or service. Thank you everyone.

~Tim Hoogland