Today we launched our new Help Center (formerly known as the Knowledge Base). This new system is hosted through our helpdesk provider (Zendesk) and is deeply integrated with our ticket system and live chat system. This allows us to get you the information you need quicker on your own with the power of the AI bot and assists our techs with directing you to the information quicker.

We’ve moved all helpdesk and live chat operations from Freshdesk and Freshchat to Zendesk. These are more expensive solutions but far more powerful. We have all these new services integrated with our shipping system to be able to pull order information about 70% quicker since it is all in one place. We’re going to be setting up more integrations as we get more familiar with the Zendesk systems.

One thing to note is that your sign on for the help center is separate from your TH3D website account. We are looking into Single Sign On (SSO) to tie these 2 together. But until we announce the SSO integration between the help center and the website just know that these logins are separate from eachother.

We’ve also integrated the forum with the new help widget that comes with Zendesk as well to get access to TH3D support and the help center right form the forum. We also have added CloudFlare Pro to the mix for the website as well as many other integrations to tie the website into our social media accounts to cross-post news (like this) to them.

We will be going through all automated things and postings that reference “Knowledge Base” and updating it to the “Help Center” term. If you see anything referring to “Knowledge Base” it now means “Help Center”.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our service and web services please let us know and as always, Happy Printing.

~Tim Hoogland