We did a video on the HeroMe last month about selecting parts. We also stated that we will be offering full kits with all the hardware and printed parts for the HeroMe for select machines and configurations.

Where are the kits, man?

The reason they are not on the site is because there are still revisions being made to the mount which means the STL files are changing. When you are running production printing and selecting hardware for printed parts we cannot have the STL files changing all the time.

We spoke with the HeroMe creator and he stated that they are close to being final so they are not being updated all the time. Once this is the case we will start printing parts and offering the kits for the HeroMe.

What if you need parts printed now?

If you need parts printed now we can do that. Just use the Contact Us page and select “Printer Farm” for the department. You can select the material type and color from that page. Just send us the files you need for your particular setup and we’ll quote it out for you. Once approved we’ll send an invoice and start the print. You’ll get a picture of the final parts to approve before it ships.