Creality has released some new boards without much fanfare. It’s confusing users so we’re going to try to get to the bottom of it. Recap: There are V4.2.2 with TMC2208 and HR4988 (A4988 clones) The V4.2.7 appears to only be shipping with TMC2225 (Basically 2208s) Music Sources: Zero to Zed: Check out new tunes from Zero To Zed here! Music Used with Permission from Zero to Zed **************************************************** Looking for a printer? Buy the machines that we use in house and recommend! Discount codes on the page as well. Check out our list here: The links on the page and most here are ALL affiliate links. They help support us and our videos and do NOT cost you more. Please support us by using the links above if you are interested in any of these printers. Thank you! Check out the TH3D Communities here: If you want to support our channel use the affiliate links to shop at your favorite stores or buy upgrades and accessories from our store: TH3D Shop: Amazon: TH3D Recommended Tools: Best Cheap Multimeter: Cheap Multimeter: Bench Multimeter: Bench Scope: Bench Soldering Station: Fume Extractor (Small): Large Professional Fume Extractor: LocLine Kit for large Fume Extractor: Online Resources: