Carrier Shipping Delays due to Holidays and COVID

This year has been pretty crazy, to say the least. With everyone being at home more with COVID going around, people are using online shopping to get what they need/want. We’ve had notices on our website throughout most of the year alerting customers that there could be possible delays due to COVID alone. Currently, we are also in the holiday season, which is further straining package carriers.

Keep the insurance enabled

Here at TH3D, we use USPS and UPS for our shipments. We see that USPS is having more and more delays when it comes to delivering items to people. To make protecting orders quicker and simpler, we partnered up with Route shipping insurance in July. This is HIGHLY recommended to keep on as it prevents us and you (the customer) from dealing with a carrier claim that could take very long to resolve. They typically resolve all cases in under 5 days. The insurance is compatible with all USPS and UPS shipping services we offer.

UPS seems to be doing better

If the cost is not much more, we would highly recommend going with UPS for your order (if available) as UPS seems to be doing a much better job than USPS at getting packages to their destinations. We’ve seen this to be true with both outgoing and incoming packages when shipped with UPS (some even arriving early in some cases).

Keep an eye on your tracking.

Route has a nice app for tracking all your orders in one place for IOS and Android. All insurance claims must be made no later than 30 days after the last tracking update. Outside of that, it will be denied by the insurance carrier (Route).

We hope you are all staying safe and not going too crazy being cooped up inside. Thank you, everyone, for choosing TH3D for your 3D printing needs. We really appreciate your support as we are a small business, and this year has been very hard on our staff and us.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and many successful prints.

~Tim Hoogland

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