We’ve just updated our Unified 2 firmware to version 2.16. Unless this release addresses a bug on your machine and/or board or there is a feature you want that was added (if any) you do not need to update. If you are using our EZBoard with the EZFirmware site this firmware update will be on the EZFirmware site as well for immediate use.

Download from our Unified 2 website at UF2.TH3DStudio.com

Release Notes:

New Printer Support

  • CR-20 with EZBoard Lite (LCD adapter required, get from th3d store).

New Features

  • EZBoard Lite “DIY” Config setup for custom printers
  • Added endstop noise filtering to all board configs to ensure better accuracy on endstops and ABL probes
  • Added option to reverse LCD knob direction on EZBoard setups
  • Enabled 2nd Serial Port on EZBoard for TFT LCD connections
  • Added ARC_SUPPORT to all boards/printers (will be disabled on some 1284p boards when other features – LA & Power loss recovery – are enabled due to space restrictions on these boards)
  • Added override option for 1284p boards to disable ARC_SUPPORT if space is too large when enabling multiple options


  • Updated TH3D PDF Guides
  • Updated internal update script for new github release links
  • Updated to Marlin 2.0.x download that was after as there were code differences
  • Updated other backend settings (see commits)