We wanted to post yet another update on the status of what we see with the shipping carriers. Since COVID19 started on 12/2019, shipping carriers have had delays. USPS is currently dropping the ball on getting packages there in their normal times (pre COVID19).

As we have stated many times on our website and in videos, it is highly recommended that you need your order quickly to use UPS to ship it. UPS seems to be delivering packages promptly, but sometimes a few days past the original estimated date of delivery. ALL shipping carriers have suspended all guaranteed shipping times on all services at this point.

We have also had an increase in customers being abusive because they are frustrated, and we understand your frustration. There have also been people leaving negative reviews over shipping carrier delays as well. Leaving us negative reviews and being verbally abusive to our staff will not make USPS or UPS (or any other carrier) deliver your package quicker. Please be patient; we are all in this together. We are working hard to make sure we have what you need for your printers despite all these delays, staff issues due to quarantines, and manufacturing delays.

If you choose to be verbally abusive, we will not tolerate our staff being verbally abused over something that we have absolutely zero control over. The reality of the world is that this is how it is, and packages are being delayed. If a customer is verbally abusive to our staff, we will ban you from the store and all TH3D services. Our staff is working hard to serve our customers, and we do not need more unnecessary stress placed on everyone here.

This situation sucks, to say the least, but we will all get through this. Please be patient and understanding.

~Tim Hoogland
Owner | TH3D Studio LLC

One thought on “COVID19 Carrier Delays are Still Happening.

  1. Craig Williams says:

    Good on you Tim for looking after your staff. Thanks for providing great products and service!

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