This weekend was a busy one for us here at TH3D! We migrated our ticketing system to SupportPal that resides on our own servers and moved our EZFirmware tool to a super-fast local box here at our HQ.

Help Desk Changes – Goodbye Zendesk

We moved over all open tickets to the new helpdesk system as well as all user accounts. The new system is a lot cleaner and easier to use. It also has a one-click ticket link to see all updates easily online. Most importantly, we now have this hosted on our own server, so we have full control over our customer ticket data. We left Zendesk after many service and billing issues with them. We moved to Zendesk with the promise from them of an “AI” system that was supposed to help our customers quicker and reduce the support burden. The “AI” system just caused more issues than anything.

The system we are using is called SupportPal and is a self-hosted solution. We still get technical support if we need it and we do not have to worry about getting nickel and dimed over every little feature, its one flat rate for us and we provide our own server to host it on

EZFirmware Server

For the last year we were hosting the EZFirmware server on Digital Ocean. This was a workable solution for when we launched but the compile times were 2-3 minutes unless we wanted to shell out a lot of money a month for a high spec CPU box.

We brought this in house on our own server here that has a ton of power on tap. We overhauled our internal network to allow us to host more services locally over the last year. This means that firmware compiles in 20 seconds or less now!

We hope you appreciate the arduous work and better services to help you all get better support and quicker firmware setup for your EZBoards. Have a great weekend everyone!