EZBoard Delays – 3/8/21

We wanted to post an update on the EZBoards. We were originally told by the PCB assembler that we would have them in about 4 weeks from ordering. Due to mishandling of parts on their end they used LPC processors (that we already paid them for) that were supposed to go to our boards and used them for another customer.

NXP is currently having major supply issues (like a lot of chip companies) and we cannot get the processors. Our PCB assembler and our team here are trying to locate more supply of the CPUs. Until we can locate the CPUs needed, we won’t be able to re-stock the EZBoards.

We apologize for the delay and we’re working on trying to find more CPUs from reputable parts suppliers. If you or someone you know has access to LPC1769 chips please let us know.

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