Hi there everyone! We wanted to post an update on our shipping claims processes. As you may know, we partnered up with Route shipping protection last year and it has been going well in speeding up claims and getting damaged/lost items replaced.

When we setup an account with Route we only had the option for one main login that had access to the entire account (including billing and other things that are high-level). They’ve updated their system to allow multiple team members here to have their own accounts to open and check status of claims.

You are still able to open a claim with them directly but if you want us to open one for you, we are now able to with their new system. Having us open the claim may add additional time to the processing of it, but that option is there should you wish to have us do it on your behalf. Make sure that if you have us open the claim that you send us pictures of the damaged product and packaging so we can attach that to the claim in the Route claim form.

If you opted out of the Route shipping protection, then you will need to contact us and we will open a claim with the shipping carrier for you. We highly recommend keeping the Route protection on your order as they handle the claims in a matter of days, not weeks like USPS/UPS.

We hope everyone is staying healthy and sane in these crazy times we live in now. We are still seeing shipping delays from USPS and UPS seems to be still doing better than USPS.

~Tim Hoogland
TH3D Studio LLC