We’ve been dealing with issues with our internet line here (Comcast) on and off for months. We finally were able to get them to send out a technician and they found that our line had multiple splices in it that were defective and causing issues. They pulled a completely new line to us and everything looks good. We should be able to resume our Livestreams with no issues and our EZFirmware site will be more stable now as that is hosted on this line on our in-house server here.

*Comcast will be sending out a team to bury the line in the next couple of days which may interrupt the EZFirmware server for a few hours and slow down operations here. Once we know when the line will be buried we will make sure to communicate when this is happening.

Thank you everyone for your patience while we deal with the connectivity issues. We wish it didn’t take multiple calls to get this issue resolved but it seems to be the norm for Comcast support.

One thought on “Office Internet Line Update – Fixed-ish*

  1. Thomas Wunsch says:

    being to 3d printing, i look forward to ur streams. they are my main souce of of learning about this great hobby. have a 3pro and a 3v2. both with mods per ur sugestions & products.

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