7/7/21 Update: STAX has fixed the false declines and is operating normally now.

It’s come to our attention that there have been some issues with Credit Cards and our new Payment processing system. We switched over from Stripe to STAX for our Credit card processing as they offered much better rates than Stripe did as well as actual customer service if we had an issue with a chargeback or other problem. The main issue is that their system is very flaky and declines legitimate transactions when it should not.

The issue with STAX has really hurt our business as many people were abandoning their carts due to issues with their processing system. The STAX system was declining cards that were legitimate and we are waiting on their support to get back to us on why this was occurring. We will likely just keep using Stripe going forward even despite their shortcomings.

I’ve just completed test charges with Stripe after the changes and confirmed that it is working 100% now. My sincere apologies if you had issues with trying to place an order with us in the last month.

Timothy Hoogland
TH3D Studio LLC