We are still seeing shipping delays for orders going outside the US. Orders that use the cheapest USPS First Class mail can take anywhere between 30-60 days to arrive. We have clearly stated that there are delays on our checkout page and cart page, along with a link to our COVID19 status page that also states that this is happening. UPS and Priority mail take between 7-20 days on average, based on the orders we’ve sent out via these methods.

Despite having notices on our cart and checkout pages, as well as our COVID19 status page, some international customers are opening up disputes and chargebacks because they are not allowing enough time for their order to be delivered. If you do this, we will blacklist you from all TH3D services and all communications will be sent through the dispute system. Opening disputes because you are impatient wastes our time and will not make your order show up quicker. Contact Us first before opening up a dispute or chargeback, we will get back to you and offer solutions.

Please be patient and allow time for delivery. If you are not willing to allow for longer delivery times, do not order from us with the cheapest shipping option. If you need help with a delivery that has been in transit for 30+ days, you can always Contact Us, and we can let you know what options we have for you to replace or refund the order.

As much as we would like to, we can do nothing to speed up deliveries once we ship them. If you want a quicker delivery, then pay for a faster shipping method. We have multiple shipping methods available on our website that you can select at checkout.

Timothy Hoogland
TH3D Studio LLC