NOTICE: The EZFirmware server needs to have its PlatformIO updated to use the new firmware build. We expect this to be updated by end of day on 7/10/21 at the latest.

We’ve just updated our Unified 2 firmware to version 2.30. Unless this release addresses a bug on your machine and/or board or there is a feature you want that was added (if any) you do not need to update. If you are using our EZBoard with the EZFirmware site this firmware update will be on the EZFirmware site as well for immediate use.

Download from our Unified 2 website at

Release Notes:

This is a MAJOR update to Unified 2.0. This version uses the latest Marlin codebase and the previous release was based on Because of the large code changes from Marlin 2.0.8 and up (compared to this release has taken longer than normal to roll out and test.

While we have tested on actual machines in-house and test-compiled all variations of the firmware in-house, there still could be bugs. If you discover a bug you can post it in our Discord server in the #3dp-firmware channel or Contact Us.

Version Jump

This version is 2.30 even though the last public release was 2.27. We had internally 2.28 and 2.29 but never made it to official public release. Because of this, we are going with 2.30 for this release version.

Bug Fixes

  • Random homing issues with some configurations with ABL probes
    • Was most common on 2560 CPU boards

Core Updates

EZBoard Binary Files have been updated