Update 8/3/21

The new EZPi V2.4 image has the TSD plugin removed. EZPi kits will start shipping with the V2.4 image soon.


We wanted to post an update about a bug with the latest EZPi V2.3 image and The Spaghetti Detective (TSD) plugin. Users have reported that the current image gets a low camera framerate with the TSD. The issue looks to be with how TSD installs with the image creation tools we use to build the image on our PCs here not installing the “picamera” module as the image is built on a computer, not a Raspberry Pi. Because their plugin installer checks the platform it is being installed on, it does not install the “picamera” module when the image is built.

Image Update

Going forward we will be removing the plugin from the next image update (V2.4) and you can always install the TSD plugin through the Octoprint plugin interface like normal. This will ensure that it installs all the necessary pre-requisites that are needed for TSD to function smoothly with a camera feed.

We expect to have the new image posted to the site and shipping on new EZPi kits no later than 7/30/21.

Fixing the Framerate Issue on Existing EZPi V2.3 Images

If you are affected by this bug on the V2.3 image when using the TSD plugin the fix is very simple. All that is needed to correct the framerate bug is to uninstall the TSD plugin, reboot the EZPi, and then install the TSD plugin again.