Update (8/1/21) 8PM CST – FIX POSTED

If you were having this issue just re-download the firmware from our help center. All firmware has been patched with the new fix.


We’re working with someone right now to try and identify the issue. It is looking to be related to the ENDSTOP_INTERRUPTS_FEATURE option in Marlin that is enabled for this config. As to why this is having issues on AMD machines and not Intel is unknown to us, but the solution works and has been verified to work 100%.

One of the guys from 3DMusketeers got me connected to his PC with the 5 Plus. I’ve isolated the issue and have it patched. Unified 2.32 will have the fix in it that works on all platforms (Intel and AMD)


For the last few months, there have been intermittent reports of users with 2560 based boards having issues when homing the printer with an ABL probe on the system (BLTouch and EZABL). This issue has not been able to be replicated on any of our printers in-house reliably. We thought we had solved the issue in a previous Unified update based on user feedback but it seems to be popping up again. The common machine setup seems to be the Ender 5 Plus running Unified 2 (with the LCD conversion) and the STOCK control board (V2.x board) with an AMD CPU being used to compile the firmware.

The Issue

The problem manifests itself when you update to Unified 2 and home the machine. Instead of going to the center of the bed to home (Z Safe Homing) the ABL probe, the machine just stays in the XY home position and doesn’t move to the center of the bed.

Local PC Issue?

One live stream with the 3D Musketeer guys encountered this bug and the resolution to get them running was to compile the same exact firmware on our local PC here, this fixed the issue. This looks like the issue is with the local computer and not an actual “bug” with the firmware. It could come down to library version differences in VSCode or even corrupt library files. We are just speculating as no one has let us look into it on their computers.

Help us, Help You

If you are experiencing this issue with the Ender 5 Plus (with our LCD kit installed) with an ABL system installed (BL Touch or EZABL) and don’t mind letting Tim (one of the owners here) connect to your computer with the printer connected to it and a webcam pointed at the printer please let us know.

Make sure to reference this news post in the contact form so the team can get it over to Tim. We will need at least 1-2 hours with the computer and printer to try and determine what the issue is and come up with a solution.

Isolating the Bug

The only things that seem consistent with the homing bug happening are:

  1. AMD based computer used to compile the firmware
  2. 2560 Board – Usually the Creality V2.X boards that come in the Ender 5 Plus

We do not have any AMD-based desktops here to test with, nor do we have an Ender 5 Plus with its OEM board in it.


In order for us to isolate and figure out why this is occurring, we are going to need your help (see Help us Help You above).

Until the source of the problem is identified and fixed, you can either use the older Unified 1 firmware or try to use another computer to compile the firmware.