Back 2 School Sale – Starting @ 5PM CST

Sale Kickoff!

Today at 5PM CST we are kicking off our Back 2 School sale that will run through Saturday 8/7/21. We have almost everything discounted in the store and the details are below.

Daily Deals

We will also be running sales on bundles every day so be sure to check back!

Today’s 1st deal will be on our Maintenance Bundle kit.

Daily deals will be posted @ 12PM CST every day and last until midnight. 🙂

Deal Details

These discounts will be available throughout the sale (while supplies last). They are as follows:

  • 10% Off Items
    • ALL Filament
    • ALL Extruders
    • MOSFETs
    • SSRs
    • PTFE Fittings
    • EZABL Kits
    • EZPi Pro Kits
    • EZCam HD USB Cameras
    • EZABL Power Adapters
    • MKS SGen L V2 Boards
    • MKS TMC2209 Driver Packs
    • USB C Power Splitters
    • Meanwell Power Supplies
    • 4GB MicroSD cards for GCode & Firmware
  • 15% Off Items
    • ALL Fans
    • ALL Nozzles
    • ALL Stepper Motors
    • Dual Z Kits
    • Screw/Nut/Bolt Kits
    • VSlot Wheels
    • EZFlex Kits (Plates and Magnets)
    • EZMat Bed Sheets
    • EZPEI Sheets
    • EZNEO RGB Kits
    • EZPlug+ Wifi Plugs
    • LCDs
  • 30% Off Items
    • ALL Printed Parts
    • ALL Heatbreaks
    • ALL Heater Cartridges
    • ALL Hotends
    • Most Hotend Accessories
  • 50% Off Items
    • TH3D Snapback Hats
    • TH3D Stickers
Sale prices are while stock lasts. Sale discounts are ONLY valid during the sale duration and not retroactive to orders placed before or after the sale.

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