5 thoughts on “Unified 2 – V2.32 Bug – Z Probe Wizard Not Working

  1. Michael Tarlton says:

    I know the Z Probe Offset Wizard is supposed to be fixed with the latest firmware releases (v2.33 and v2.34), but I’m not sure it is working properly. At least it isn’t for me. It seems like the offset is not being sent to the stepper motor as the nozzle remains too far from the build plate. Is this something isolated to me or have you had any other reports of the same? Thanks.

    • Tim Hoogland says:

      That feature in general is buggy, that is why it is not enabled by default and moved to the community features that are not supported.

      The bug was with the menu not showing up (this is what was fixed). We do not recommend using that wizard and just set the offset manually. There are video guides in our help center for the EZABL on setting your initial z offset and then dialing it in on the 1st print.

  2. Michael Tarlton says:

    Thanks Tim. I’ve tried that. Everything goes fine during the set up and everything looks fine on the LCD afterwards, but the z offset isn’t applied during printing. Actually, it isn’t even applied when doing the auto home, move z axis 5mm test. I’ve stored the settings as shown but still no cigar. When I go to z offset/babystepping, the z offset value is still there. When I disable the BLTouch and reinstall the z endstop, z offset works correctly.

  3. Michael Tarlton says:

    Thanks Tim for your quick replies. As a matter of fact, your quick, kind, knowledgeable replies, along with your fine reputation convinced me not to chase this dog and just go with your EZABL. I’m looking forward to it arriving. Thank you.

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