Chiron LCD Kit PCB Housing Update – Beeper Length

Beeper Length

We’ve updated the STL files for the Chiron LCD kit and Accessory Files to include a new bottom piece for the PCB case. One of our customers sent us a picture showing that AnyCubic is using whatever beepers they can get when making their PCBs. This means that some of the beepers are longer than the ones that were on the Chirons we tested with when designing the conversion kit.

While we do our best to anticipate random part swaps from these printer companies, this change is not something we thought would be an issue since most beepers on printers use the same size. In this case, it does look like AnyCubic is using whatever part is most economical and/or available when they make the production run of their adapter PCBs for the Chiron.

Our apologies for not catching this before launch as our sample size was only 3 Chirons and they all had the same beeper size. Going forward, if we have a product like this in the future we will build in more tolerances for the varying heights of parts like this to avoid issues in the future.


Picture our customer sent in showing the longer beeper.
Revised Bottom PCB case STL file.

How to Fix

If you purchased a kit with printed parts

Print it Yourself – If your Chiron has a longer beeper that is preventing installation into the housing and you purchased the printed parts from us you already have access to the new STL files on the downloads page of your TH3D account. The new zip file will have 082321 in the file name and the new STL file is called Bottom_082321_V2.stl. All the Chiron LCD kits and kit parts we sell also include the STL files we use to print them.

Replacement – If you do not or cannot print the new, revised part if you need it then contact our support and we can send one out to you at no cost.

Remove the Beeper – If you do not care about modifying your PCB board, the beeper can be physically removed as it is not used with the upgrade. You can snip it off flush with side cutters or de-solder it from the PCB.

If you purchased the STL downloads

If you purchased the STL files only, just head to the Downloads section of your TH3D account and download the files again. The latest files will have a zip file with 082321 in the name. Once you download and extract them, print the file named Bottom_082321_V2.stl.

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