Simplifying Support for Customers

The thing that separates TH3D from many vendors is the level of support and care we provide to our customers. Throughout the years we’ve been in business we’ve made this our #1 focus. To make it even easier for customers to get assistance with our products we have done away with our “Community Support”, extended our standard support to all products, and are now offering Premium Support options for issues that fall outside of our standard support scope.

All our products come standard with technical support now. Support is active for the duration of the product warranty (listed at the bottom of every product page) and is provided over email or live chat. Please note that support is limited to the product itself.

Our TH3D communities will still be available as they provide a great resource for your 3D printer in general if you have an issue that is outside of our scope of support and have many helpful people in them.

We want to help make your 3D printing experience good and help you get great prints.

Knowledgable, US-Based Support Team

Some other vendors (like Amazon) offer “support” with printers and parts sold by them but typically refer to a manufacturer-provided “script” to follow. Our support team knows and uses 3D printers in their daily lives. We understand that not everything to troubleshoot will be able to be covered by a flowchart or script. Our goal is to get your issue with the product resolved and not just give you your money back while leaving the product issue unresolved.

In addition to that, all of our support agents are in the US. We do not and will not outsource any of our customer service or support agents to 3rd parties or people outside the US. Any technical support agents are qualified in-house by Tim and other support staff to ensure they are knowledgeable on our products and 3D printing in general.

Getting help with your TH3D Products

All you need to do to get help with a product is Contact Us and provide an order number. Our technical support coverage is provided throughout the length of the product warranty. The included support is provided over email and live chat on our website.

The warranty length is stated at the bottom of every product page for quick reference. Most products come with a 3-month warranty and other higher-end products come with a 6-month warranty.

If you prefer phone, video call, and/or remote PC screen sharing this service is available through our Premium Support service. (see next section)

New Premium Support Offering – Phone, Video, Remote PC Control

If you’re ever stuck on an upgrade or just having a hard time narrowing down an issue with your 3D printer our team is also available to assist through our Premium Support services. If you need help with a problem that isn’t covered by our product support (or just want phone/video/remote pc help) you can submit a request on our Premium Support page. Once you fill out the form on the Premium Support page we will look at your request and direct it to the most qualified technician to speak with you about time estimates and rates.

Our hourly rate starts at $50/hr and varies depending on what technician is needed to perform the service to resolve your issue. Our team will consult with you before booking to make sure that we are able to perform the service before you book time with them.

We have a full booking system that will let you select a time and date that is best for you. The system will also send out the meeting details (we use Microsoft Teams for these calls) and SMS reminders if you sign up for them when you book a time.

Price Changes on Some Products

Because support costs us money to provide, we have increased prices on some products that historically required more involved technical support. Products like control boards are the main ones that will see price increases to cover the additional support costs if they did not include support already.

We feel that many vendors do not provide anywhere near the level of technical support and/or skill that we do. A slight price increase will be worth it to our customers knowing that they have our support team at their disposal should they need help with a product.

Scope of our included Support

Our support team is here to assist you with our products. We do want to clearly communicate that this means support for the product itself and does not extend to your entire 3D printer and/or 3rd party parts not purchased from TH3D.

If your 3D printer has other problems or you are using 3rd party upgrades those issues will not be covered under the included support. We do now offer premium support if you want to get help with issues and/or upgrades that would not be covered under the included product support. As mentioned above, we also have our communities available for out-of-scope issues with your printer and/or 3rd party parts that are free to use.

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