I just wanted to post something in case people were wondering where I was and what was going on. The TLDR is I am taking some time off of the extraneous things I do here like live streaming and working on new projects. Not a full vacation, just limiting my time. If there is something major that is down or needs my attention, I will be accessible by my team.

I wanted to take a moment to publicly thank my team here.

If one of them has helped you out, please let them know. It really makes our day to know that we’re doing right by our customers and upholding the core values that we believe in here at TH3D.

Tor – You have been with us the longest and you entered the TH3D team because of your own selflessness and wanting to help when I needed to take some time off. I appreciate all the hard work on the tickets and live chat that you have given us all these years.

Mac – I met you because you helped out one of our customers on our Facebook group and they told me that I better grab you for support because of your great attitude and willingness to help. You are instrumental to the ticket flow here at TH3D and have helped literally thousands of our customers over the last 2 years.

Peter – You were our first actual hire from a resume and one of the things that grabbed my attention was your willingness to help out in the 3D printing subreddits just for fun and your strong documentation background. You’ve really come into your own as a core part of our support team. I appreciate your attention to detail on new articles (even though I hate markdown) and how professional you are with our customers. Keep up the great work.

Danielle – (Shop Manager) Not many people know Danielle because she is in our shop but she has stepped up to the plate to fill the manager role for our daily operations. You came here not knowing much about anything we do not even a year ago but through your hard work and willingness to learn you’ve proven yourself to be an extremely valuable asset to the company.

Shaun – (Shop Technician) I met you a few years ago because you wanted to meet up and fly drones. You are really a master when it comes to tuning the printers and your obsession with print perfection has taken our printer farm and product parts to quality levels that we have not seen in years. I also appreciate your versatility to be able to help with orders when things are crazy here.

Joe – (Shop Operations) I met you when we were moving out to Indiana and you sent us a message through our ticket system. I never would have thought that you would have become part of the team only a few years later. You’ve taken our hodge-podge of operations we had not even 6 months ago and turned it into a streamlined operation. You’ve directly made everyone’s jobs here much easier because of your skillsets.

Griffin – (Engineering) What I love most about working with you is that you know how to build products that are something I am proud to put our name on. Your work with our EZBoards, EZNeo Strips, and EZABL control boards is second to none. I know we’ve had setbacks because of the silicon shortage but we pushed through this together and I know we’ll keep making awesome products for years to come.

To everyone else that has come and gone here, I also appreciate your hard work and dedication that has gotten us to this point. These last 2 years have been the hardest that I have ever endured in my entire life. I don’t know if things will get easier but I know that with all of your help we will be able to keep moving forward despite what obstacles life will put in our way.

To our Customers – I genuinely do hope that what we do here makes your printing lives easier. It’s not just marketing that we say this, it’s what our goal is here. I remember when I got into this hobby and it was incredibly hard to figure things out. I appreciate you taking the chance on us and giving us your support even when things were not running smoothly here.


I’ve been known to work crazy hours. I thought this was something good but I want to let you know that you cannot sustain this for years like I have been trying to do. I’ve been neglecting myself and my relationships because I’ve been working too much. Couple this with my ADHD and it’s a combination for disaster. I am taking time to focus on myself once in a long time to recharge and regroup. I am aiming to take it easy for about 1-2 weeks and then jump back in but with normal hours.

If you are an entrepreneur, while it is addicting to keep burning the candle at both ends I can tell you to take a step back and take some time for yourself. It may sound nice to tell everyone you work your a** off all the time but it’s not sustainable.

Nothing TH3D will change while I am taking time off as I have an excellent team handling all the operations here that makes it possible for me to finally take some well-deserved time off.

I’ll be looking forward to coming back and doing more live streams and releasing new products that we have in the works. Until then, Happy Printing.


Tim Hoogland – Owner

TH3D Studio LLC

5 thoughts on “Tim Taking Time Off – Thank you Team

  1. john.rocha says:

    Simply awesome update. I completely understand and emphasize with you. We are lucky to know you, albeit virtually, and do miss the live streams. Looking forward to hearing from you and give those dogs a treat please. You are a good person. Your words touched me and anyone would be lucky to work for you. John

  2. 3DJeff says:

    Tim, you DO deserve it, man!! Love your company & what you have done for all of us.
    Tor is the only support person that I’ve had the pleasure of working with (many times!). Quick with an answer. Friendly, respectful and has a since of humor. Kudos to him & all of TH3D!!!
    Happy printing! Now, ENJOY YOURSELF!!!
    Jeff Bowen – A.K.A. 3DJeff (fellow Hoosier)

  3. Jim UPSTATENY says:

    as a business owner (Electrician) I can totally appreciate the need for personal and family time ,after reading this I have decided myself to take some time to chill and recharge. Its a nice feeling to be successful but not if your unable to enjoy the fruits of your labor. we always think of ourselves last and though its a noble thing ,its unhealthy , enjoy your time and thank you for your hard work and the knowledge you have shared we us in the 3d community ,

    Jim Upstate NY

  4. vipergtsrrt10 says:

    i want to say that everyone i have interacted with from support to print farm requests as well as yourself tim. I understand burning from both ends, rest relax and recenter and regroup yourself and we will see you when you are back..

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