Update (10/29/21): We have confirmation that 50-100 boards are shipping to us from the assembler today or tomorrow. Once we get them they will ship out to the pre-orders in the order that we received them.

The rest of the pre-ordered boards should be shipping next week. We hit a small delay in production but it has been cleared up now.


Hi there everyone! We wanted to post an update on the EZBoard V2 pre-orders. The production is almost done but it was not able to be completed before a holiday happened at the assembler last week. They are moving forward to finalize production and we are hoping to have them in about 1-2 weeks at most based on the new updates.

We will be shipping the boards to us via expedited air shipping to get them to us quickly and not “slow boating” them.

We are finalizing the documentation for installing the board and we will also have the DIY type firmware for the V2 as we did for the V1 in about 1-2 weeks as well if you are using the EZBoard V2 in a custom/non-supported printer.

Those of you that did get in on the pre-order you will be the FIRST people getting boards. We will not be stocking any more pre-order spots. Thank you everyone for your patience and support. We hope you love the new boards!

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  1. john.rocha says:

    Anything that is good is worth waiting for. When mine comes in, please invoice me for 50.00 as a donation. It is not much but it is a small token of appreciation for everything you do. Thanks Tim and team!!!

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