Beta Firmware – BTT SKR 2 – Unified 2 DIY Firmware

Yesterday we pushed out our Unified 2 Firmware 2.41 release. We added DIY firmware as we made for the MKS SGenL V2 boards for the BTT SKR 2 boards. This is the first firmware we’ve put out that has not been tested on an actual board since we do not sell or use these boards.

Download here: DIY Firmware | BTT SKR 2 Board | BETA

If you have one in your printer build give it a go and let us know if there are any bugs or issues that need to be addressed through our #firmware channel on our Discord server or through our Unified 2 Bug Report Form.

This firmware is being put out as a courtesy for people who want to use the BTT SKR 2 in their custom printer. Setup and usage of this firmware is *not* covered under the technical support of any TH3D Products. Using the BTT SKR 2 in a custom printer is an advanced setup for users who know what they are doing.

If you need/want additional features and/or technical support we have paid support available for your individual printer use and additional feature additions will be rolled into our Unified 2 Firmware for this board.

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