We’ve just updated our Unified 2 firmware to version 2.43. Unless this release addresses a bug on your machine and/or board or there is a feature you want that was added (if any) you do not need to update. If you are using our EZBoard with the EZFirmware site this firmware update will be on the EZFirmware site as well for immediate use.

Download from our Unified 2 website at UF2.TH3DStudio.com

Release Notes:

New Printer/Board Support

  • Ender 3 S1 w/V2451_301 Board
    • Currently needs 12864 LCD Swapped, Stock DACAI LCD is very glitchy
    • E0 Auto Fan Control Enabled
    • Faster CRTouch Probing than Stock
    • EZABL OEM Mount is NOT completed but will be added later on for stock hotend carriage, CUSTOM_PROBE is supported already.
  • Added Build options for the Ender 5 Plus with V4.2.7, SKR E3 Mini V1-V3 boards. LCD change REQUIRED via the TH3D Ender 5 Plus LCD Kit, also needs the Dual Cable Adapter LCD board with the kit.

Bug Fixes

  • Change BTT SKR 2 Board to use PROBE header by default for EZABL probe due to issues with their Z-STOP header.
  • Change all AVR boards to automatically use FAN_FIX due to timer issues present on these boards with Marlin

LCD Firmware

  • Updated LCD Firmware Pack to latest for Ender 3 V2/Ender 3 S1 screens that use DWIN and DACAI versions.
    • NOTE: DACAI LCDs still have glithcy/graphical artifact issues and are not recommended. Use 12864 Instead if you have a DACAI LCD.

Other Changes

  • Added check to see if E0_AUTO_FAN_PIN is defined in Configuration.h to allow user to set it.
  • Added check to see if USE_CONTROLLER_FAN is defined in Configuration_adv.h to allow user to set it.
  • Added “hidden” CRTOUCH_PROBE_NAMING define that if found in Configuration.h it will rename all “BLTouch” menu items to “CRTouch“.
  • Added check to see if FILAMENT_CHANGE_UNLOAD_LENGTH is defined in Configuration.h file so users can specify their own if they wish.
  • Added Sanity check for Ender 3 V2 stock board and LINEAR_ADVANCE since it does not work on those boards.
  • Added ENDER3_V2_12864_LCD setting for Ender 3 V2 when using the 12864 LCD kit.
  • Combined the 256K and 512K Creality V4 board firmwares and added note in platform.ini file about how to change build environment from 256K to 512K if you have a 512K CPU and want to use more space if building with more features that the 256K CPU can’t handle
  • Increased max E Speed from 50mm/s to 100mm/s on all configs
  • Tune AL-4/X1 Stock Accel to be less aggressive
  • Tuned CR-10 S4/S5 Jerk Settings to be less aggressive
  • Disable Marlin “warning” about CANNOT_EMBED_CONFIGURATION as it was causing user confusion and does not need to be shown.