2 thoughts on “Ask Tim – 3D Printer Q&A Help Stream | Livestream | 4PM CST 7/20/22

  1. bullpup050 says:

    Just a suggestion as i have done this by accident before but in the firmware can you make a new place to put the Reset EPROM so that you cannot choose it by accident and have to re-enter all the code again. something like in “configuration” you have advanced settings could you put “Eprom” then eprom reset. so if you wish to clear it you have to purposely go there.

    • Tim Hoogland says:

      That would involve a lot of code changes and make it harder to find. We’d also have to go back and update multiple pages of documentation as well as confuse people watching older videos. We try to keep thigns the same so people don’t get confused. Just be careful when selecting a menu item. It is already at the very bottom of the LCD.

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