Stock Update – EZBoards & EZABL Sensors Just Arrived!

We just wanted to let everyone know (especially people with backorders) that EZBoards and ALL EZABL sensor sizes and types just arrived today. We started processing the inventory and doing our QC checks so if you have a backorder they start shipping tomorrow (3/1/23) and have everything caught up (shipped out and QCed) by 3/2/23.

EZBoards will still show “back ordered” until they are received in our system but we just got our delivery of them about an hour ago.

I hope you enjoy the kits and boards! We even got another batch of the new EZABL Pro-T sensors that have the adjustment placed toward the top of the sensor instead of on the middle-side of the sensor for easier calibration. Our sale ends tonight on the EZABL kits (they are $10 off right now) so make sure to get one now before the sale price ends!

Thank you everyone for your support. The team and I here appreciate you choosing TH3D for your printer needs!

Happy Printing,

Timothy Hoogland
Owner – TH3D Studio LLC

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