3D Printer GPL Violation List

Why should you care?

Not having source code to a printer limits you as an end user to repair, upgrade, and/or tune your printer. Without the source code many modifications to your machine will not be able to be done. This locks you into only using parts from the manufacturer and if they don’t sell those parts you end up with a printer that is useless.

What is the GPL?

The GPL is a license that many open source projects are released under. Many (if not all) 3D printer firmware is typically released under the GPL V3 license.

What is a GPL Violation?

A GPL violation is when a company and/or individual does not comply with the terms of the license. The most common violation that is seen in the 3D printing space is companies using the firmware and distributing it to customers without providing source code.

We, as a community, have made companies comply before by hurting their sales and we will do it again. TH3D will not feature printers or machines that we are aware of being in violation on our accounts and other avenues of promotion.

Violation List

Printers and/or parts on this violation list should NOT be purchased as they are in violation of the GPL license. Violating the GPL is stealing from the 3D printer community.


  • Sonic Pad – Violating the license and stripped all copyright and mention of the Fluidd source code. Also not sharing back source code. This product should not be purchased. Source: https://twitter.com/pedrolamas/status/1577207829198360576
  • Ender 7 – Creality support “does not have the source code”. This is still a violation. Uses similar board to other Ender series with F1 CPU
  • Ender 3 S1 Plus – Refusing to provide source. Telling customer they will not release it until 1 YEAR from product release. Reported by “Andrew”. Report ticket 21847.

Compliance Achieved


NOW COMPLIANT – Release source some time in March 2023: https://github.com/ankermake





Last Updated on 7/25/2023