Artillery EZ300

All the features you want in a reliable platform tuned by TH3D.

Coming January 2019

*Features subject to change before official release


never touch another bed knob.

With our famous EZABL Auto Bed Leveling system pre-installed, tested, and calibrated from us you will never have to level the bed.

Full mesh bed leveling and compensation to make sure that your 1st layer is perfect every time. No knobs. No springs. No pins to deploy. Just consistent, reliable results every time.

PLA? ABS*? Flex? PC*? No Problem.

Most 3D printers use hotends with low quality PTFE that is in the melt zone of the hotend. Our printer ships with a hotend fitted with a Titanium Tough Heatbreak fitted making this an all metal hotend along with our high tolerance, low friction Tough Tubing.

The hotend also comes with silicone insulation standard to keep your temperature stable even when the fans are all 100%.

Max Temperature: 290C
FIlament Size: 1.75mm
Nozzle Type: 0.4mm, Brass, MK8 Size

*ABS & PC need an enclosure which will be available at launch for $199 shipped in the USA.

Is this thing on?

That’s what you’ll be asking yourself when you are printing.

Utilizing the latest Trinamic TMC2208 Stepper drivers with their latest StealthChop2 technology on the X/Y Axis we’re able to make a machine that is very quiet with amazing accuracy at a 1/256 interpolated step rate.

Need a hand? Tired of Tuning slicer profiles?

Every Artillery EZ300 includes full support from TH3D included for the 1st 90 days and 50% off our hourly support rate after that.

  • 1 Full Year Warranty on Parts/Labor
  • Mail in upgrade/repair service available

We’ve spent 200+ hours meticilously tuning slicer profiles for Simplify3D & Cura so that you can get to printing right away.

Included Profiles: PLA, ABS, PETG

Reliable, Clean Power From Mean Well

Mean Well is a trusted brand by many OEM companies worldwide. We believe in a safe and reliable machine so we went with the best in class PSU. UL Certified.

Other Notable Features
  • Tough Extruder with 3:1 Gearing Ratio
  • EZOut V2 Filament Sensor
  • 250W Insulated Heated Bed – 60C @ 2 Mins, 100C @ 6 Mins
  • Lightweight Aluminum Y Carriage w/solid mounted bed
  • Dual Z Motors with Mechanical Linking – No Gantry “sag”
  • Quad X Gantry Eccentric Nuts
  • Creality Compatible X Carriage for easy upgrades
  • Large OEM 70mm Cooling fan with Vapo bearing
  • OEM 40mm Hotend Cooling fan with sealed bearing
  • MKS Gen L Mainboard with 12864 Graphical LCD w/Rotary
  • Full GPL Compliant Firmware tuned by TH3D
  • Dual Extrusion Ready
  • Separate 25A MOSFET fitted for heated bed
  • LED Light on Hotend for print visibility
  • Electronics, QC, and Final Assembly in the USA by TH3D
Technical Specifications

Every machine is built in house to order by our TH3D team in the USA with foreign and domestic parts. Fully tested before shipment to make sure everything is adjusted and working before it ships. Any printed parts done in 100% US made ABS, no PETG or PLA like some companies.

All done with 1 week or less lead time. No waiting months for a printer to ship.

Target MSRP: $850 shipped in the USA


  • Build Volume: 300mm (X) 300mm (Y) 300mm (Z)
  • Bed Surface: EZMat Standard, EZFlex upgrade available
  • Filament Size: 1.75mm
  • Noise Level: 35-45dB(A), Varies during printing
  • Hotend: Artillery All-Metal Titanium Hotend w/Tough Tubing
  • Extruder: TH3D Tough Extruder w/ 3:1 Gearing Ratio
  • Temperatures: Hotend – 290C, Bed – 120C
  • Fans: Name Brand Fans with 5+ years Life Rating
  • Voltages: DC Power – 24V 350W, AC Power – 110/220V (5A @ 110V During pre-heat, ~2A during printing)
  • CPU: Atmel ATMega 2560 16mhz
  • Stepper Drivers: X/Y – Trinamic TMC 2208, Z/E – Allegro A4988
  • Firmware: TH3D Unified Firmware (Based on Marlin 1.1.9)
  • Safety Features: Thermal Protection – Hotend & Heated Bed, UL Listed Mean Well Power Supply

Coming January 2019