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Holiday Closure Notice – Labor Day 9/3/18

We just wanted to let everyone know we will be closed on Monday September 3rd, 2018 in observance of Labor Day. We will return on 9/4 to normal operations. Please note that due to the natural back log over the weekend coupled with Monday being closed support tickets may be delayed more than normal and […]

Simplify3D – Retraction during wipe bug – Causes Printer Slowdown

We’ve been chasing what we thought was a Marlin bug but after working with the guys on the Marlin issue forum and examining dozens of GCODE files we found the issue. This is apparently a long standing issue with S3D and it was fixed before but they regressed in the latest release. To fix this […]

EZABL Sensor Myths – Toms3D Sensor Test and other Myths

We want to preface this that we respect Toms3D and what he does. This is just something that comes up over and over regarding our kits and our data across over 4000 sensors contradicts the information that Toms3D put out. Quite frequently we get people quoting this test from over a year ago that Toms3D […]

EZPi OctoPrint EEPROM Marlin Editor Plugin Bug – DISABLES ABL!

EZPi/OctoPrint Bug Alert!   Any of you using an EZPi or your own Octoprint system with the EEPROM Marlin Editor plugin (this is pre-installed on our EZPi) please DISABLE this plugin until the developer fixes the issue with it.   We will be disabling the plugin on all EZPis shipping until this is fixed.   […]

Welcome our New Support Guy – Orders Back to Normal – Stock Updates

Welcome our New Full Time Support Guy! TH3D is happy to announce that William “Mac” McMillen is joining us full time starting 8/21/2018 and will be allowing Tim to focus on product development. Mac has been with us in a part time capacity for a little while now and he was referred to us by […]