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Administrative Days – CLOSED 8/13 & 8/14 – Testing Firmware Update

TH3D WILL BE CLOSED 8/13 AND 8/14 FOR ADMINISTRATIVE DAYS We are taking some administrative days to get our offices re-organized, paperwork completed, and in house machines repaired/upgraded. Orders will require 2-3 more days processing time as our machines that make product and casings for products will be offline for a day or two as […]

New Firmware – Order Updates – EZABl Video – CR-10S Dual Boards

Hello everyone! We hope everyone is doing well and having fun with their machines. We wanted to post out a couple of updates just so that everyone is up to date on the latest things going on here. New Firmware We are proud to announce that we have a completely new firmware ready for testing […]

Unified Firmware Updates – Ender 3 Dual Extruder Board Support Added

We’ve been busy working on updating our firmware again to support the CR-10S Dual Extruder Board we sell to be supported in the Ender 3 printers. We have released 2 updates to make this happen along with a bugfix for Anet boards and adding in a setting to change your hotend X distance when using […]

Product Update – CR-10S Dual Boards/Uno Kits/Dual Hotends & Discontinued Products

We just wanted to post some update on product stock and products that are being discontinued. Stock Updates: CR-10S Dual boards will be to us in 2 weeks from today or less pending no customs issues. Uno Kits will begin shipping on 6/23/18 at the latest. They are scheduled to be delivered to us on […]

Unified Firmware Update – U1.R1.8j – EZABL STLs Updated and New Features (bootscreens)

We pushed out a new Unified Firmware package that is just some new features in terms of bootscreens and updated some of the EZABL STL Pack Files. Download from the main page here: TH3D Unified Firmware Package Changes to EZABL STL Pack Files The U10 OEM Mount has been updated with a cleaner version with a […]