On 5/9/2018 Capricorn CEO Stephen Weber sent out an email with libelous statements about TH3D to over a dozen of Capricorn tubing re-sellers that are key players in the 3D printing market over some content on our website that was used to write up an article on PTFE safety when using ANY tubing in the melt zone. Stephen or anyone else from Capricorn never contacted anyone at TH3D demanding change to the website. Tim voluntarily rewrote the offending page completely and then directly emailed Stephen, along with Capricorn’s Support / Sales, and also messaged their Facebook page with an apology for the misunderstanding.

The page was created with the intent of sharing information, not ill will or plagiarism intended against Capricorn. TH3D paraphrased the original article and added new information to the article. Along with use of the safety information was a temperature table on their page that had recommended PTFE temp settings. TH3D did not see any issue with sharing important information that applies to not only tubing we sell but general PTFE safety guidelines for any users within the 3D printing community. TH3D has also fully tested our Tough Tube to meet or exceed the specifications that were listed on the safety page.

Out of respect for Capricorn, we have removed the offending page content and placed a link to their website on our page for those who want to see it. We are not going to even attempt to make anything similar out of fear of more persecution from them.

Ironically Capricorn’s own website actually has a page that is plagiarized from another company website. Their Terms of Service page is a copy of the E3D Terms of Service and even still has the E3D naming in the ToS. We have taken screenshots and Archive.is links. If they did copy the E3D ToS page then that means E3D owns the content in question that was on our website (the temperature table). Links are at the end of this so you can see for yourself. They have removed the E3D-Online reference as of 5/15/2018 @ 3:01PM CST but there is still the “United Kingdom” mentioned which is false as they operate out of the UNITED STATES in Indiana. This 100% confirms that they did the exact same thing to E3D that they used as an opportunity to spread libelous statements about TH3D.

Our intentions at TH3D is to provide support within the 3D printing industry and we strive to maintain a well-documented knowledge-base of guides, tutorials, firmware, and STL files to help the community solve problems and use our products. No financial gain has been made, or was intended, from use of the temperature table on Capricorn’s website. We at TH3D feel the issue should have been handled with an email or phone call. We have made multiple attempts to work with them to undo the damage that their email did to us but they are not willing to (Full Email between Tim and Stephen). Tim Hoogland accepts full responsibility for the usage and is personally sorry for duplicating the table and using their write up for reference on making the PTFE safety page.

However, there is a secondary issue that has arose from this incident, outlined in the attached email from Stephen Weber and the screenshots that were attached within. While the body of the email does not mention our name directly, the screenshots are unedited and fully show the TH3DStudio.com web address and Timothy Hoogland’s full name. We feel that this act was done with slanderous intention to belittle us and poison our efforts as a potential competitor to Capricorn, despite us never marketing our products against theirs. Our conclusion is supported from a baseless claim within this email that Tim & TH3D are acting in “bad faith” because of the website misunderstanding and selling a competing product. They also DIRECTLY state that other companies should stop doing business with TH3D and that we have “unethical business practices”. This falls under tortious interference with business relationship and is legal grounds for a lawsuit in the USA. At the time of writing this we will not be pursuing legal action, but if this affects our business we will move forward with legal action against Capricorn.

There are claims of “multiple attempts to take advantage of our exceptional customer support, to covertly obtain increasingly detailed product information”. To clarify, this refers to a customer of TH3D that requested the MSDS sheets for our Tough Tubing. Tim, being a personal customer of Capricorn, was fielding if they would grant an MSDS sheet request. Due to the nature of the product, this is not required, but TH3D has received a few requests for ours. Despite not having to provide it, we have paid to have ours independently tested and it will be available on the website (in 1-2 weeks) because we believe in being fully transparent with what we are selling to our customers. Capricorn has yet to even reply to the MSDS request entirely.

I, Tim, personally felt this needed to be brought into the open instead of being covertly being spread to many of the key sellers in the 3D printing market. We are NEVER going to tell you who to do business with or spread slander, including against Capricorn. We supported them when they first came to market and still feel they provide fine products. We at TH3D are just bringing an alternative to the table and after these events, feel that they don’t like that. They took the website article as an opportunity to throw us under the bus so they wouldn’t have to deal with someone else competing in the high temp tubing space.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please email Tim Hoogland at Tim@TH3DStudio.com.

~Tim Hoogland
TH3D Owner
(312) 858-8433 ext.101

Emails and Screenshots

Email between Tim and Stephen (PDF)

Links to Capricorn Plagiarism 


Cap Tubes ToS

Their URL: https://www.captubes.com/terms.html

Archive.is Link: http://archive.is/zK6ay – Archived on 12 May 2018


Their URL: https://e3d-online.com/terms-condition

Archive.is Link: http://archive.is/ZoqzU – Archived on 12 May 2018