4/1/2020 Update:

COVID-19 Face Shield Project

We have added 2 links to the site. One is for if you want to help us make shields and the other is for if you are in the medical or EMS field and want to request face shields. You can access both of these pages at the top of our website by hovering over the “COVID-19 Help” menu and selecting the page that you want for requesting shields or if you are a maker and want to help us out in making them.

Shipping Times

Shipping times are normal. USPS and UPS are picking up daily. Our shipping people are both working as normal.

Technical Support & Customer Service

Our ticket/email volume has leveled out. For the most part we are at normal response times (under 24 hours during business hours) for support tickets. The only tickets that will see a delay are ones assigned to Tim as he is managing the printer farm since Aaron is still out as a precaution.

ABS Parts

ABS Parts are up to speed as of right now. There should be no delays on ABS parts that are listed as in stock on the website.

3/27/2020 Update:

Print Farm Update

Tim spent 14 hours overhauling our printer farm and bringing more machines online. ABS parts may be delayed 1-2 days but we’re doing good to keep up with demand. We are utilizing our larger machines to help local healthcare workers safe by making face shields at no charge to them. We have enough capacity and machines to keep product parts and the face shields moving. Orders are still shipping out next day for the most part as our shipping staff is still working.

Technical Support & Customer Service

Our ticket/email volume has leveled out. For the most part we are at normal response times (under 24 hours during business hours) for support tickets. The only tickets that will see a delay are ones assigned to Tim as he is managing the printer farm since Aaron is still out as a precaution.


It is still recommended to contact us via our contact form but phones are being answered as normal again.

3/24/2020 Update:

Staff and Print Farm Updates

Any products with printed parts and custom prints may be delayed. Tim is taking over managing the printer farm so any tickets assigned to Tim will be delayed in receiving a reply.

Our Print Farm manager Aaron has been out for about 2 weeks now but was not sick as a precaution as a family member was suspected to have COVID. He alerted us that his nephew was suspected to have COVID but ended up testing negative. However, due to Aaron visiting a hospital during that time off where he was potentially exposed to the virus when doing the testing we have put him on a 2 week leave until we know he is in the clear. We have work from home services setup but thanks to Comcast blocking the connection between our location and his he cannot work from home (thanks Comcast).

3/23/2020 Update:

This update is building on our previous update posted on 3/18/2020. We also are sending this update out to our email list as well. Going forward we will append all previous updates at the bottom of new update posts so you have all the updates in one location.

Currently we are still shipping out orders as normal but there may be an additional 1-2 day delay soon. The Indiana Government has issued a stay at home order that starts Wednesday 3/25/2020 and this means that some employees of ours will not be able to make it in to the shop. If worse comes to worse Samantha and Tim will be packing orders if our employees that drive here cannot come into work due to the government stay at home order.

Return Processing

Returns will be delayed since we are limiting runs to the post office to collect from our P.O Box to increase social distancing per CDC recommendations. We will be picking up returns 1-2 times a week. This means that return processing will be slower than normal.

Inventory Update

We are finding it hard to source products from suppliers all across the globe or even find parts for the products. Pricing we are paying on some items is increasing as supply is limited so if pricing on some items increases this is because our cost is going up on the restock order. What we are getting in is being stocked on the website so if there is a product you want you and you get an in stock email you should order it immediately. If you get an in stock email from us, then go to purchase it a few hours later and it is out of stock that simply means that the stock we had was sold before you got to it.

EZBoards are out of stock and will not be restocked for a while. Parts are still in short supply or completely out of stock for our board assembler so production is halted on these. We are NOT discontinuing the EZBoard, production is just delayed until the supply chain catches up. Once we have an update on production of the board we will be sure to let everyone know.

EZFlex – FedEx surprised us with a partial shipment of the EZFlex plates and magnets. We did not expect to have these any time soon as tracking was not updating at all on them. Our shop people are processing these right now and stock will be added to the site no later than 3/24/2020. Every plate and magnet is inspected to make sure that they are 100% functional and any shipping or manufacturing issues are caught.

Technical Support and Customer Service

Right now we are still experiencing a higher than normal volume of emails that need replies. We are getting through them as quickly as possible. Please be patient as we are trying our best. We recommend emailing us through our contact form and not calling as our people that usually handle calls are focusing on the email replies and live chat. As much as we would like to keep phone lines a priority we cannot help as many people at the same time as we can through our email system.


Thank you everyone for your continued support. We hope that we’re able to get you the products you want to have something to do while we’re all stuck at home. We wish you all the best of luck and health in these times. We will be trying to do some livestreams this week so we can have some time that isn’t spent worrying about this terrible virus. Please take care of yourselves and make sure you are following the recommendations that are put out there from the CDC. We’ll all get through this together. Please be more patient and understanding to others in these times. We are all stressed out from this and kindness will go a long way.

Previous Update from 3/18/2020 (info in the above update overrides any overlapping info, it is provided for reference only):

Lets get this out of the way first. As of right now (3/18/20) TH3D Studio is filling orders as normal and shipping out every day that we are open. If that changes we will update everyone as soon as we know.

Inventory Impact

This virus outbreak has affected a lot of aspects of our business right now. Inventory is coming in but about 2-4 times slower than usual. Please do not contact us requesting updates on ETA on products as we do not even know them, this only wastes our service rep time right now. The best thing to do if there is something out of stock is to add to the notification list on that product page. Once we get stock you will get a notification via email when we add it to the website. As things change in the world we are anticipating that inventory coming in will be impacted more as this progresses. Please be patient and do not be abusive to us because we do not have something in stock.

EZBoard Lite – Due to limitations on getting parts for the EZBoards we have paused all production on these until we can get parts again. Whatever inventory we have currently is what we will have for this product for the foreseeable future. Once we are able to get parts for these boards we will resume production on them.

EZFlex System – We have a large order on the way but right now it is delayed in transit. There is no ETA on when this will actually arrive at our shop for processing.


We have had disabled back-ordering on all our products earlier this year as people were cancelling back-orders which costs us time and money to do cancellations. In order to keep prices down and allow our employees to focus on customer service we are not doing back-orders on any products. This may change later once everything blows over and supply chains level out but we do not expect that to happen until at least late 2020 at the very least.

Technical Support and Customer Service

Our technical support and customer service are experiencing higher than normal volumes as many people are at home due to the virus. We are working as quickly as we can to reply to everyone. We ask that you please allow additional time for requests to be answered. People on the phones are being directed to focus on technical support and customer service through our ticketing system. If you need assistance with an order please send us an email for the quickest response. Using the contact form and fully filling out the form is highly recommended as then we have most of the information we need to process your request.

Virus Mitigation Efforts

We’re maintaining a high level of care to prevent spread of the infection here at TH3D. We’re following the CDC guidelines for disinfection of surfaces, peripherals, and other areas in our business. While none of our employees have been sick we are encouraging social distancing and proper hygiene practices for all our employees. If anyone here shows any signs of becoming sick they will be sent home immediately.


As of right now sales are lower than normal but still enough to keep operations running. If we experience issues with cash flow we will scale down operations and let everyone know what will be impacted. If there are any changes to our level of service we will be sure to communicate them as soon as we know.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope everyone is staying safe. Please take the guidelines that are being issue by your local and federal governments seriously. If you want to learn more and educate yourself on this check out the CDC Coronavirus (COVID-19) page. It is important to stay calm but be aware of the precautions that need to be taken to minimize the spread of the virus. Please do not go out and buy in excess from stores but do ensure that you have a few weeks of food supplies on hand in case you do get quarantined. The WHO Coronavirus (COVID-19) page also has a lot of information on the virus as well.