What is the EZABL?

The EZABL Kit is a fully original design (V1 released in Early 2017) that makes adding an Auto Bed Leveling Sensor to your printer much easier than DIY solutions. We are one of the few ABL kit makers that offer support from the hardware to the firmware.

We hand make each and every kit in the USA starting with a bare PCB. We then place, solder, test, and assemble every kit by hand.

We support over 20 different printers out of the box complete with firmware and sensor mounts. See the full list here: TH3D Unified Firmware

Works on ALL print surfaces, even beds that are 100% glass. We use high quality hardware (all custom made for us and by us) and spend countless hours making sure the firmware is tuned as perfect as possible. Our support is unmatched by even companies much larger than us.

Our in house team can handle any printer from an entry level printer to a fully custom machine.

With over 10,000 kits sold you will see why people choose TH3D for their printer upgrades and parts.

There are 4 versions available – a 12mm EZABL Mini and 18mm EZABL both come in “Direct Wire” and “EZConnect” versions.

The EZConnect is mainly for CR-10, CR-10S, CR-20, Ender 2, Ender3, Alfawise U10, or Tornado Users that want a quick installation where they don’t have to cut any wires or tap into the printer power. Just plug the kit into the wall outlet or USB Port with the USB adapter, connect the Z endstop, and load the firmware.

The Direct Wire kits are for all printer users that don’t mind running a power wire (included) to their power supply, cutting the Z endstop wire, and inserting it into the screw terminals on the module. This will also work on any of the other machines listed above.

What do you get with the kit?

  • EZConnect Versions – AC or USB Power Adapter (select on product page)
  • Direct Wire Versions – ~1 Meter of 2 conductor 100% copper power wire
  • Our custom EZABL V3.1 Sensor with fully shielded wire
  • EZABL Module with our sensor already connected to the module
  • USA Made Printed Case with sliding lid for the EZABL Module
  • Pre-setup and tuned firmware for over 20 different printer models along with new features and safety protections
    • Flash in under 5 minutes!
  • 1 on 1 Email Support through our ticket system
    • Paid remote access, phone, and video support available
  • 90 Day warranty on all hardware – Out of warranty discounts available to existing customers

What you do get from the EZABL over Other Kits/DIY SOlutions?

  • Fully pre-wired with our EZABL board for safe connection – Will not damage your printer if connected incorrectly
  • Works on over 20+ machines with no soldering
  • Very High Quality Custom Sensor – Cheap no-name sensors from China are much less accurate and reliable than ours
  • Works on glass, aluminum, PEI, EZMat, steel, and all other print surfaces
  • Fully shielded sensor cable to significantly reduce interference from printer electrical noise
  • 90 Day warranty with out of warranty discounts on replacement parts
  • Fully supported and pre-configured firmware – DIY and you will be on your own or hunting on forums for help
  • High quality custom probes built for TH3D for high reliability and accuracy
  • Proper English Documentation and installation video provided
  • Actual support included – No support on other DIY solutions

What you do get from the EZABL vs the BL-Touch?

  • All wiring included – BL-Touch typically comes with about 6″ of wiring, you must extend the cables on your own or find extensions
  • Works with over 20+ machines with no soldering
  • No risk of mechanical failure as there are no moving parts
  • Will not “deploy” accidentally during a print and break itself and/or ruin the print
    • BL Touch users have issues with the new cheaper plastic pin design snapping if it gets caught on a print
  • Fully shielded sensor cable to significantly reduce interference from printer electrical noise
  • Fully supported and pre-configured firmware – BL-Touch you will be on your own or hunting on forums for help
  • Works with the EZOut filament sensor kit for more limited boards like the Ender 3, CR-10, Wanhao i3, and other 1284P EZOut supported boards
    • You cannot use a filament sensor and BL-Touch on the Ender 3, CR-10, and Wanhao i3 machines
  • Proper English Documentation provided and full installation video
  • Actual support included – BL-Touch has ZERO support from the company


Installation Video


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between the EZConnect and Direct wire?
    • The only differences are how the Power and Z Endstop wires connect. They are the same kit otherwise.
    • Direct wire has 2 screw terminals for the power and Z endstop connection.
      • This works with all machines we support. If you have a 2/3 pin plug on your Z it will be cut off during installation and the wires connect to our Direct wire board (see the install video).
    • EZ-Connect has a DC Power jack for power and a 3 pin JST plug for the Z endstop connection.
      • This is for the machines listed on the EZ-Connect product page that come with a 2/3 Pin JST plug on the Z endstop switch.
  • What is the difference between the EZABL (18mm) and the EZABL Mini (12mm)?
    • Both are very accurate (under 0.01mm) on machines with no issues.
    • The EZABL Mini is physically smaller than the EZABL.
    • The EZABL Mini weighs 50% less than the EZABL
  • Do you offer installation on a printer?
    • If we have time yes. Please contact us for a quote and availability.
  • Is the EZABL kit gluten free?
    • Yes. The EZABL kits are 100% Gluten Free.

Have Questions?

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Don’t Take Our Word for it. Check out these reviews!

“I like it…So far its working the way it should and I can’t complain about it” ~ Shane Fuga, Fugatech 3D Printing

“It’s easy! It went together really well.” ~ Paul, Where Nerdy is Cool

“It’s very repeatable. So far so good for me.” ~ Michael Laws, Teaching Tech

“The first layer is going down really well. I can definitely recommend this.” ~ Kevin, Kev31779 Channel

“It is well worth it in my opinion. Timothy was extremely helpful with everything” ~ Sean Aranda, The 3D Print General

“I had the perfect first layer after my first print with this sensor. It actually works.” ~ Eric, Eric’s DIY