Many people have asked for a detailed comparison sheet for our EZABL™ kits and the other options on the market so here it is!


 EZABL™ Pro EZABL™“TRU-LEV” Ebay KitsBL-TouchDIY Sensors
Sensor Sizes 18mm & 12mm 18mm & 12mm18mm & 12mmStandard BL TouchUsually 18mm
Sensor TypeTH3D EZABL™ Pro Capacitive 600hzTH3D EZABL™ Capacitive 100hz

60hz (Budget)

600hz (600 Model^)

All use off the shelf sensors.

 100hz Hall EffectUsually 60hz Off the Shelf Sensors
Mechanical Probe Failure Risk?NoNoNoYesNo
Provides Monthly Donation to Marlin Project to help with firmware development?YesYesNoNoNo
Wire ShieldingYES (Dual Layer)YES (Single Layer)NoneNoneNone
Power Filtering3 Stage2 Stage1 StageNoneNone
Reverse Wiring Protection?YesYesYesNoneNone
High Quality Board Components?YesYesNoYesNo
Z Endstop Wiring Switch?YesNoNoNoNo
DC Jack Power OptionYes YesYes NoNo
Direct Wire Power OptionYes YesNo – Requires purchase from 3rd party YesYes
3 Pin Z Endstop OptionYes YesYesNoNo
Direct Wire Endstop OptionYesYesYesYesYes
Power Wire IncludedYes YesOnly AC AdapterNoNo
AC Adapter Option?Yes ($2 Addon)YesYes (Included)NoNo
USB Adapter Option?Yes ($2 Addon)YesNoNoNo
Support Team?Yes (5+ people)Yes (5+ people)One guy through eBay MessagesNoNo
US Based Support?YesYesNoNoNo
Email Support?YesYesNoNoNo
Phone Support?Yes, as a paid add-onYes, as a paid add-onNoNoNo
Remote PC Support?Yes, as a paid add-onYes, as a paid add-onNoNoNo
Manufacturer Supplied Firmware?Yes, we maintain our ownYes, we maintain our ownYes*NoNo
STL Sensor Mounts Provided?Yes, we maintain our ownYes, we maintain our ownYes**NoNo
Installation Guide Provided?YesYesYesBasic Wiring GuideNo
Website with Troubleshooting & Company Info?YesYesNoYesNo
All Parts Designed By Manufacturer?YesYesNoYesNo
Warranty90 days (1 Year Available)90 DaysNo Warranty Stated on Page30 Days UsuallyNo Warranty
Price$65-70Discontinued (was $55-65)~$55 (about €40 shipped to USA)

$40-50 for sensor

Additional cabling to connect is $5-15 depending on printer

$20-30 not including tools, supplies, and knowledge to properly build

^ – ‘600’ Model uses the same brand as TH3D but not the same sensor as ours are made exclusively for TH3D.
* – Does not make their own firmware. Uses re-branded TH3D firmware package.

** – Does not maintain their own STL file packages. Copies the STL pack from the TH3D Firmware Package.