We hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend. We were going to be closed until Tuesday for the Holiday to enjoy some time off but on Thursday afternoon (5/24/18) Samantha (Owner, and Tim’s wife) was badly rear-ended by a driver on their cell phone.

Instead of being able to take some time off we are now having to handle this situation which is involving getting Samantha setup for physical therapy for her back injury that was badly re-aggravated due to the accident (she had a prior back injury from another rear-end collision she just recently was getting under control) and her car is totaled. Samantha handles all our financials, inventory, and orders so orders WILL BE DELAYED.

Tim will NOT be on support until Thursday (5/31) at the latest as he is trying to get all the insurance claim paperwork handled and get her a new car so she can actually take the orders to the carrier locations.

Tor and Jesus will be on support but they are part time so expect longer than normal support times. If you are a customer you can also join our customer only group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/th3dstudio/. Tor and Jesus are in the support group as well.