Warranty & Technical Support Coverage

How long is the Warranty?

All warranty lengths and support coverage (if included) are at the bottom of every product page. Not all products come with technical support. Most of our products come with a 3-Month warranty minimum, refer to the product page for details. The exception to the 3-Month warranty are products like our EZPi kits and EZBoards (these come with a 6-Month warranty).

B-Stock/Clearance/Refurbished/Mystery Box Products

Products that are B-Stock, Clearance, Refurbished, and/or Mystery Boxes are usually sold as-is or at most a 30-day warranty. Because these products are sold at a deeply discounted price, technical support is never included in them.

Technical Support Coverage

Products with the Standard Support or Standard Support+ level come with technical support. This support coverage is limited to the duration of the warranty coverage. If you are out of the warranty period and/or have a Community Support product you can get help in our Communities here by visiting

Discontinued Products

When a product is discontinued we will remove the product page 3 months after it is discontinued to provide reference for people who have the product. If a product you purchased is no longer on the site, it is safe to assume that it is out of warranty. If you are unsure, you can contact our support team and they can look up your order to see when your warranty coverage expires.

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