Audew JC-48A Humidor Trays

Since Tim was having a hard time getting some additional trays for his Audew 300 Capacity JC-48A humidor he decided to make his own. Print size is 300x290mm, 75mm (Z) for normal tray and 85mm (Z) for deep tray. Just fits on a CR-10 bed.

There is also a SLIM tray file in the pack that is designed for the bottom of the humidor in place of the deep tray. 2 will fit in the lower compartment.

Deep tray was updated on 12/23/20 for better fitment. Print that one (version V2).

Print however many you need. There is also a tray for the lower part of the humidor for even more storage. Print at 0.3mm layer, 5% infill, and with a 0.6mm Nozzle for best results.

For personal use only, not for commercial use.

Recommended Humidor Accessories

Normal Tray (fits up to 5 in this humidor)
Deep tray for lowest part of humidor
Slim tray for lowest part of humidor, fits 2
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