TH3D Solid Bed Mount Camera Arm STL Files

If you didn’t get a camera mount with your solid mount kit or want to change your camera we have all the STL files for the camera mounts below for you to download. We only include the C270/C310 and EZCam HD adapter parts in all V1.1+ Solid Bed Mount kits as those are the 2 most popular cameras people use.

These are also contained in the Unified 2 STL Pack

Mounts Included In the STL Pack Below

  • C270/C310
  • EZCam HD
  • C615
  • C920
  • GoPro
  • Pi Camera V1
  • 1/4″ Tripod Mount
  • Finger Extension (extends the “fingers” on the arm), needs 1x M3x25mm screw and nut to use.

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