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Unified 2 STL Pack – EZABL Mounts, Leveling Tests, & More

What is the STL Pack?

The Unified 2 STL package is a helpful collection of files to help you get up and running quicker. This pack used to be part of the firmware downloads but it took up a lot of space. To make the firmware itself smaller we have broken it out into it’s own package.


What is in the pack?

  • EZABL Probe Mounts for printers Unified 2 Supports
  • 2mm Calibration “Puck” for correct mounting distance on EZABL sensors
  • Case for the EZABL Pro Kit
  • Adapters for the 12mm EZABL Mini to mount in 18mm probe mounts
  • Adapters for the 8mm EZABL Micro to mount in 18mm probe mounts
  • Gantry Leveling Blocks
  • TH3D Bed Leveling Test STLs
  • Basic Solid Bed Mounts
  • Camera Adapter STL Files for TH3D Solid Bed Mounts
Table of Contents