Creality CR-10 V2 Firmware | V2.5.2 Board

Do you have a CR-10 V2 and want a stable firmware with the latest features?

Board Limitations Note: Due to the design of the Creality boards with TMC drivers Linear Advance will probably not work correctly. The feature is available but use at your own risk.

Maybe you’re adding our EZABL kit to the machine. This is the download for you. Directions are below.


We also recommend you download the Unified 2 STL pack as well. This contains EZABL mounts, Gantry leveling Blocks, Solid bed mounts, and Bed Level test files. Click here to go to the Unified 2 STL Pack download page.

Installation Directions

1 – Printer Board Firmware Update

NOTE: These printers update over the USB cable from your PC to the printer. Make sure to have a USB cable ready.

Setup VSCode with our installation guide

1.a – Download the firmware

1.b – Extract the files to a folder on your computer

1.c – Open the folder labeled “Firmware” in VSCode

1.d – Open the Configuration.h file that is located under the “Marlin” folder on the left side of the VSCode screen

1.e – In the Configuration.h file, uncomment (remove the 2 / in front of #define) the CR10_V2 line and any other options you are going to use in the firmware

1.f – Click the ✓ at the bottom of VSCode to compile the firmware. The firmware will compile. This may take 1-5 minutes depending on the speed of your computer and internet connection

1.g – If the build succeeds plug in your printer to your computer with the USB cable.

1.h – Now click the arrow (right pointing) to upload to the printer board. 

Make sure ALL slicers or other programs that connect to your printer board are CLOSED before trying to upload to your printer.

Please note that on machines with multiple COM ports you may have to select the COM port manually. Please see our VSCode COM port selection article to see how to do that.

1.i – The firmware will upload to the printer board over USB. 

Interrupting the flashing can “brick” your board and if this happens you will need to reflash the bootloader with a programmer (like an Ardiuno UNO) before you can flash again.

1.j – When the printer boots you will see the TH3D logo on your LCD. Make sure to reset your EEPROM on your printer after flashing any firmware. You can do this from your printer LCD or by sending a M502 followed by M500 with your favorite Gcode sender application.

Changelog Information

We do not maintain a full change log for this firmware. However, you can track all changes and modifications to our firmware code on the GitHub repo for Unified 2 Firmware.

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