What is “DIY Firmware”?


You may notice that we have firmware that is called “DIY Firmware” for some control boards. The “DIY” stands for Do It Yourself. This firmware is to give people using these boards flexibility and quick setup for these boards in custom printer builds. Marlin can be complicated for newer people to setup and our “DIY Firmware” versions aim to help make that process easier.


One main benefit of using the DIY firmware is that they also follow our recommend baselines and customizations that we have for other printers/control boards. This gives you a consistent experience and feature set across all your machines that run the Unified 2 firmware. These firmware versions will also receive regular updates along with the other printers we support with our Unified 2 firmware packages.

Technical Support

Because setup is more involved and specific to your machine you are building, product technical support does not cover (at no charge) the use of any DIY firmware put out by TH3D. If you require assistance we have hourly rates available for assistance with your 3D printer. Contact us to get a quote and availability for our 3D printer consulting services that we offer.

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