Dual Extrusion Setup Information


When doing dual extrusion there are many ways to go about it. The basic requirements are that you have a board that supports 2 Extruder connections, 2 hotend connections, and 2 hotend thermistor connections. However, if you are using a 2 into 1 adapter you only need a board that has 2 extruder connections. We are going to go over what you need for each setup and the pros and cons of each. Personally, we prefer the 2 into 1 setup due to its ease of use but they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Easiest – 2 into 1 Setup

  • Pros
    • Use existing bowden style hotend
    • No leveling multiple nozzles
    • No print area lost
    • Fast setup – only need to wire and mount the second E motor
    • No nozzle leakage since it is one nozzle
  • Cons
    • Cannot use filaments with wide temperature differences
    • Needs a purge tower

STL Files

Intermediate – Dual Independent Nozzles

  • Pros
    • Independent nozzles for 2 completely different temperatures
    • Utilize different nozzle sizes on each block
  • Cons
    • Need to run power and thermistor wires for additional nozzle setup
    • Needs specific mount for the hotend(s)
    • You lose buildspace on the X on EACH SIDE equal to the distance between the 2 nozzles
      • So if you have a nozzle offset of 30mm you will lose 30mm on the left and 30mm on the right of your X printable area
    • 2nd idle nozzle can leak while printing and drip on the print

STL Files

Getting Help With Dual Extrusion Setup

TH3D is just supplying the parts to facilitate an easy upgrade path for dual extrusion. We do not bundle support with the parts directly. We do have a dual extrusion support channel setup on our Discord Support server. You can click HERE to join.

We also have our Communities and all the information contained on this page. There are slicer profiles for examples below and 2 live streams where we installed the 2 into 1 and dual hotend on actual Creality CR-10 machines.

Slicer Profile Examples


Dual Extrusion Profile (based on the CR-X): Download


2 into 1 Adapter CR-10 Profile Baseline: Download

Dual Hotend CR-10 Profile Baseline: Download

*NEW* Racush Dual Hotend S3D Profile Example Prints – 

These profiles are great starting points and can be customized to work with your printer. This will give you a head start on getting up and running.

Dual Board Installation Videos

Community Videos

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