Arduino IDE – Mac OS X Setup Guide


  • If you are getting errors compiling for a printer with the 2560 board in it go to Tools > Boards > Board Manager. Look for ATmega2560 & revert to 1.6.21. Some users reported issues on Mac OS X with the latest 2560 board library.
  • If you are having issues with uploading and/or connecting to your printer board over the USB port try updating the drivers. They are included in the Unified Firmware download and available separately here: CH340 Drivers & FT232 Drivers
  • If you are on the latest Mac OS you must use Arduino 1.8.12 or higher due to 64bit application enforcement that Apple put in place.

Installation Instructions

Download the latest firmware pack that contains the latest Mac Arduino IDE and the TH3D Arduino Library Files from here: TH3D Unified Firmware Package

Extract all the files to your computer before continuing.

After you get the Arduino IDE setup per the guide below open the TH3DUF_R2.ino file that is located in the Firmware>TH3DUF_R2 folder to open the firmware.

Please note the screenshots mention arduino-1.8.7. As the version is updated please open whatever the latest file is in the package downloaded above.

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