Creality V24X/V4.X.X Boards – Identifying your CPU Type – 256K or 512K Chips


Creality has been swapping CPUs on the V4 boards from 512K part numbers to 256K part numbers. These chips need different firmware builds to safely operate. Currently the following board versions have been identified to have been affected by this part swap.

There is no way to know what CPU you have without looking at the CPU itself or if you purchased a board from us it will be specified what CPU version you are purchasing as we open and check every box before we stock them.

Determining Memory Size

If your CPU says RCT6 on the line after STM32F103 then it is a 256K part.

If your CPU says RET6 on the line after STM32F103 then it is a 512K part.

Known Affected Board Versions

  • V2451_301 (Ender 3 S1 Board)
  • V4.2.2
  • V4.2.3
  • V4.2.7
  • V4.3.1

There may be other boards that use the STM32F1 series CPUs but this is the confirmed list we have at the time of writing this article.

Ender 3 S1 Board (aka V2451_301)

Some Ender 3 S1 boards have shipped with STM32F4 CPUs. These are NOT compatible with our firmware at this time. If your CPU says STM32F4 anywhere on it, then it is not compatible right now.

Pictures of the CPUs

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